It’s a fact: Sia has rapidly become one of the most prolific pop writers of the past few years.

The talented songstress has already scribed tracks for Legendtina, Rihanna, Ne-Yo and Rita Ora, as well as the massive hooks on Flo-Rida and David Guetta cuts–and she’s only just gearing up for plenty more in 2013.

Yet now and again (well, always really), we wonder aloud to ourselves at night: What Would Sia’s Version Sound Like? (Be right back, creating “WWSVSL” wristbands for my forthcoming MuuStore.) Right now, no Sia-penned number’s caused more of an outcry for the original than “Diamonds,” Rihanna‘s #1 Unapologetic smash single (and Sia’s very first #1–huge!)

Well, ponder no more.

Yesterday, the talented Aussie songstress performed “Diamonds” at the Norwegian-American Achievement Award Ceremony alongside production duo, Stargate. If you’ll recall, the two penned the latest MuuMuse obsession together: Nikki Williams“Kill, Fuck, Marry.”

Sia’s (original) piano-led acoustic take on the track is simply gorgeous, showcasing her soulful chops and powerhouse delivery. Her springy pronunciation of “Shayn brahyt lahyk a diamond!” clearly struck RiRi’s #phancy when she was rih-cording her own version. It’s just beautiful. Perhaps we’ll see a live duet sometime in the near future?

She also took the (rare!) opportunity to discuss writing “Diamonds,” which obviously is a must-watch as well. She even plays the rough take that she wrote on the spot when she heard the instrumental for the first time! Genius.

“Diamonds” was released on September 27. (iTunes)