When in the plains, do as the horsies do: Pull on ropes attached to plugs on an Illuminati pyramid until mufti-colored paint comes spraying out like a geyser!

Wait, what? Just go with it.

The Scissor Sisters have unveiled the video for “Only The Horses,” the Calvin Harris-produced lead single from their upcoming album, Magic Hour. Taking a cue from Godney‘s “Neighdar,” the gorgeous new video features a few fine stallions (oh, and also some horses too.)

If you were starting to grow concerned after watching for over a minute that there’s only the horses in “Only The Horses,” you’d be wrong: The boys (and mega-fierce girl!) come into play–or should I say paint–about midway through the clip.

Sure, the video for “Only The Horses” is no dance-a-thon, but it’s visually scrumptious, artsy and well-executed. Plus, who doesn’t want to see Jake Shears and Del Marquis covered in goo? I’ve gone too far.

“Only The Horses” will be released on May 20. (iTunes)