Sophie Ellis-Bextor Might Be Releasing a ‘Concept Driven’ Mini-Album Next Year

One can never have enough Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

After releasing her sensational Make A Scene in 2011 (which sputtered out quickly after debuting at #33–bittersweet indeed), the icy disco diva’s already found back in the studio working on new music.

Following her performance at a one-off acoustic gig in London last month, Mizz Ellis-Bextor had a brief Q&A with her official website, where she spilled the beans about what’s coming next for her in 2013.

Do you have plans for more UK shows?
Not at the moment. The big thing really is just knuckling down and getting this album finished. But it’s all starting to take shape. In the new year, I’ll get it done and then focus on this country. I’m ready!

How far through the album are you now?
Probably about a third or halfway through. It might not be a full-length album, I’m thinking of just doing 8 tracks or something like that. Like a mini album.

Why are you leaning towards that?
I suppose because the thing we want to do is make it more concept driven, both in the production and in the atmosphere of it. So I guess picking something short and confident and cohesive appeals at the moment. But let’s see how it takes shape. I find it quite inspiring to work towards it being so short, because you have to be really brutal with songs.

An 8-track EP of solid, chilly disco tunes? Works for me. Here’s hoping she sticks with Richard X and Greg Kurstin.

And so, there you have it: Sophie Ellis-Bextor is recording her very own Fame Monster. Paws up on the doncefloor, Little Ellis-Bextors!

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