My mysterious friend now has a Twitter account, and the above image is their default picture.

Aside from sending links to the two viral videos to various celebrities and blogs, the mystery Tweeter has been writing things like “SHE IS COMING. SPREAD THE WORD,” “Will you follow or flee? Spread the word #sheiscoming” and “SHE IS HUNGRY.”

Additionally, the user briefly uploaded a picture to TwitPic. While it has since been deleted, someone from ATRL forum managed to get a screen capture:

It looks like the back end of a jet or an airplane. Could this be a teaser for Goldfrapp‘s upcoming single “Rocket”? I still have no clue. Thoughts?

EDIT: Check out this rather intriguing comparison between the second viral video and a Christina Aguilera video capture, courtesy of YourMum on PopJustice Forums:

I don’t believe it…could Xtina actually be that cool? It’s certainly a convincing side-by-side!

Not sure what I’m referring to? Check the original post on this viral campaign.