Boomerangs and Broken Dreams: The Return of Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger

She emerges from the steamy bathroom in her London flat, a hot pink towel tautly wrapped around her head. Completely nude, she basks in the sweet scent of ‘Honey, I’m Strong’ Herbal Essences shampoo that now fills the room. The scent reminded her of simpler days back home in Kentucky: Of running through the mazes in Louisville with Bobo, and the sweet stench of buttery popcorn and fried Oreos at the Coca-Cola Talent Classic State Fair. Would Bobo still remember the promise he whispered into her ear that sticky August night? Even now, she could still feel the familiar, vaguely corn-scented warmth of his embrace. No. Not since the accident at the farm. Don’t hold your breath, she thinks to herself.

She looks back down at the laptop and picks at her lime green Impress Press-On nails while trying to piece together just who she’s become. A friend request from Ashley Thomas quietly pops up on the screen and jars her memory instantly, which she ignores. She stares off at her vision board hanging in the distance above her trundle bed, full of dirty, blood-splattered clippings and photographs: A shriveled Puakenikeni, a lock of Melody Thornton‘s hair, a tattered poster proclaiming Killer Love Tour: Live in Belgium–SOLD OUT!

A toothy, sinister grin forms in between her lips. It’s time now, Nicole Scherzinger thinks.

Yesterday, the “Baby Love” chanteuse put up a TwitPic to announce that her new single, “Boomerang,” will be released on January 24. According to the photo, the UK will be receiving the song “first” (“UK UR UP FIRST”), somehow implying that the song will actually be released anywhere else.

Meanwhile, back at home in America, Scherzinger’s “Pretty”–that song about being pretty that she performed once on X Factor–is still not on iTunes, nor is her Dancing With The Stars single “Nobody Can Change Me,” nor is Killer Love, and Her Name Is Nicole is still available for pre-order on Amazon.

Here now is a 6 second clip of Scherzy’s upcoming single, “Boomerang.”

Get ready.

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