Jenn D Brings Kylie-tastic Brilliance with “You Keep Giving Me Love”

Jenn D

The first time I wrote about Jenn D was for MTV Buzzworthy back in October with her ferocious, Speak & Spell-friendly debut single, “Lose It.” Now, the rising UK pop starlet’s dropped a bit of the ‘tude and gone straight for the heart with her swoon-filled new single, out on March 18: “You Keep Giving Me Love.”

The track, as PopJustice rightly noted in their write-up yesterday, sounds exactly like “Madeon doing Kylie.” (I hear a little bit of Daft Punk too, maybe.) That chorus especially (“YOU keep giving me love!”), is purely classic Minogue hands-aloft euphoria–something I think we can all agree there’s just too little of in pop music lately.

Now put your hands up…if you feel love!

In the meantime, Miss D’s currently prepping to release her debut record later on in 2013, with production from the likes of Xenomania, TMS and Andy Chatterley. Bring the action.

“You Keep Giving Me Love” will be released on March 18. (iTunes)

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