Well, hello. Welcome to 2013!

Did you have a good New Year’s Eve celebration? What do you mean, when? It was last night, you mess. Do you really not remember it at all? No? That’s fine. Me either. Just remember to delete those photos on your phone.

Now, tell me: What’s a better, more appropriate way to ring in the new year than with–say it with me–something new?

That’s right! Last night, the Almighty Aloud performed a solid rendition of their major 2012 comeback gem, “Something New.” The performance was more or less entirely ‘on par’ with all of their other “Something New” performances, except this time, the orange tulip poofy dresses were white. (GAME CHANGER.)

Nicola‘s ferociously flaw-free warbling was on point, Kimba was all smiles and Queen Nadine stole the show ahys awhlwahys. Oh, and the very end, Sarah starts wandering off into nowhere while she’s yelping her “Follow the leader!” bit of the song, and Chezza‘s just looking at her like, “Get back over here, girl overboard.”

It’s all very perfect, and very, very new. Here’s to a brilliant 2013! (And bring on “On The Metro” as a single, damnit!)

Ten was released on November 23. (iTunes UK)