Annie‘s The A&R EP, her collaboration with Richard X, is coming out on July 29.

It’s basically the most exciting thing to happen all summer.

Last week, we got to hear “Hold On,” a sparkling, objectively perfect song from the upcoming EP. Prior to that, we got to hear the Little Boots-assisted “Back Together.” Today, Richard X decided to tease fourteen (14) full seconds of another track (below) in the form of a TwitVid inside the studio with Annie herself, who seems deeply engrossed in her beats.

The song might be included in the A&R EP, but it’s more likely part of one of the two new EPs Annie teased in her Noisey interview. Regardless, exciting.

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Speaking of interviews, you’ll also want to check out the Norwegian electro-pop goddess’ brand new interview with FADER that came out today, in which she discusses releasing her EP on Richard X’s label, her writing process, and not getting caught up in “what everybody wants.” Amen, sister honey child.

Don’t stop, Annie. Never, ever stop.

‘The A&R EP’ will be released on July 29. (iTunes)