If you’re anything like me, you might be sitting at home right now eating buffalo wings and wondering to yourself: Say, what’s Madonna doing tonight?

Don’t worry. Now that the Queen of Pop’s got Instagram, we know exactly what she’s doing with her Saturday night: Trying on a Bettie Page wig, applying a thick coat of scarlet lipstick and striking a pose for the camera. Stars–they’re just like us! (She looks fucking gorgeous, no? Those eyes! Like a dominatrix version of “Rain.”)

M’s been a straight-up Insta-holic ever since she joined the service a few weeks ago, posting dorky selfies and stanning hard for Frida Kahlo and Man Ray. In fact, she’s already gone so hard expressing her artsy self that she’s angered the Instagram Gods, receiving a strongly-worded email after Instagramming one of Man Ray’s nude photographs of his love, Lee Miller. But don’t worry–she Instagrammed that too.

Why? Because 30 years later, she’s still breaking all the rules.