The last time we heard from Mexican pop goddess Belinda, she was strutting down the beach with a leopard, fearlessly waving around a hawk and giving us RiRi-meets-House of Dereon realness on her amazing track, “En El Amor Hay Que Perdonar.”

Now, the reina sin defecto is back with the second single from her upcoming studio album, Catarsis: “En la Obscuridad.”

The uptempo electro-pop cut, which was produced by Víctor “El Nasi” (as was “En El Amor…”), sees the Latina legend YOLO-ing the shit out of life and going hard for a hook-up: “Solo quiero verte una vez mas/No sé si mañana el sol saldrá,” she purrs. (Basically: “I want to see you one more time. I don’t know if the sun will rise tomorrow.” My dreams of becoming a translator are seriously paying off.) Get it, girl!

According to an interview, the video for “En la Obscuridad” is based on the movie Inception–which makes a lot of sense, in that I’ve been waking up with this song permanently melded into my brain for about a week or so now.

Accordingly, the pop princess spends a majority of the video in a dream within a dream, defying the laws of physics and embracing the laws of attraction with her sexy co-star–that is, when she’s not outside having a massive “We Found Love”-esque dance party with her friends. (And is that Lana‘s flower crown you’re wearing, B?)

With this clip, the sexy songstress now joins a talented group of wall-bouncers, including the A*Teens with “Upside Down (Bouncing Offf The Ceiling)”, Ashlee Simpson with “Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)” and Lionel Richie with “Dancing On The Ceiling.” A most holy convent, indeed.


God, I love me some Belegenda.

“En la Obscuridad” was released on January 8. (iTunes)