CONFESSION: I once interviewed The Wanted–in person, on camera–and then never posted the video.

It happened just over a year ago in January at their showcase at Irving Plaza, when the boys were only just beginning to climb US radio with “Glad You Came.” (I did, however, manage to cover the actual show.)

About a half hour before they were due on stage, I went up to their dressing room to have a little chat. They were all genuinely warm, funny and overwhelmingly gracious–I still remember Tom and Nathan running around the dressing room to find us a beer as soon as we walked into the room.

Partly because their manager asked that I cut half of this (already brief) 5-minute interview (they weren’t allowed to reveal anything about the upcoming tour, nor their song with Example, “Chasing The Sun”–safe to say it’s old news now!), partly because it’s obvious that I couldn’t pay attention to what anyone was saying because Max The Wanted was STARING DIRECTLY INTO MY EYES, and partly (well, mostly) because I’m sitting at a terrible angle and watching myself on film makes me queasy, I never got around to putting the interview up.

But, I figure: Hey, it happened. I’ve had it for over a year, so why shouldn’t it just awkwardly live on the Internet?

And so, here it is: A new (year old) interview with The Wanted.