By now, you might have heard some people talk a good game about Kelly Rowland‘s new single, “Kisses Down Low.”

I myself, as a proud Rowland Stone, am a big fan. (Did you know? It’s now on iTunes.)

However, I’m not sure that everyone quite understands the various complexities and nuances of Kelly’s Mike WiLL Made It-produced ode to the oral satisfaction of her lady bits, which is steadily rising on the Billboard Hot 100—currently at #80. (Kelly Rowland likes her kisses down low, not her chart numbers.)

And so, as with Legendtina‘s “Your Body” last year, I decided to create a visual guide.

Simply click the first photo below and scroll through using your left and right arrows to enjoy the full experience.

Feel free to share this entire PowerPoint presentation with your local elementary schools and universities, as well as amongst friends who may benefit from the teachings. And remember: #BuyKissesDownLowOniTunes.

“Kisses Down Low” was released on February 1. (iTunes)