Selena Gomez Come & Get It

Drop your alcohol-filled squirt guns, take off the pink ski mask and hold onto your string bikinis: The cover art for Selegenda Gomezmerizing‘s upcoming single, “Come & Get It,” has arrived.

After teasing the image for several days across her various social media networks (#engagement), the Spring Breakers starlet and “Whiplash” chanteuse finally hit the lights on the official cover for her new single via Twitter—revealing not only her pretty face, but a release date: April 8. That’s 12 days away—which translates to approximately one year without rain.

The cover reveals Selegend screaming, shouting and letting it all out-ing like the loyal Godney stan she is against a bright red array of clam shells (SEAPUNK QUEEN) and roses, donning a majestic headdress (of Hindu origin, maybe?) and a blood red crystal-lined top. It’s off the chain, if you will.

And that’s not all: The “Naturally” songstress will premiere the song live with a performance at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, April 14. Who could possibly be prepared for the dance-pop slayage of Selegend?