Britney Gaga

It’s been a busy few weeks/months/life for the legendary Miss Britney Spears.

Last week, the sensual seductress took a quick trip to Vegas with a pocket full of paper and with no ultimatums on her (REFERENCE) to reportedly scout out the location for her rumored-but-true-so-just-tell-us-already-seriously Vegas residency, as well as attending a Shania Twain concert for a hot minute and partying it up at a Cirque du Soleil shindig with…David.

When she came back to California this weekend, the Holy Spearit hopped on over to Malibu to visit a friend’s place in a two-piece teeny bikini, flaunting her sick body. Her body is so sick, in fact, that the Center for Disease Control is currently declaring a flu emergency across America. (REFERENCE.) Also: Get that #IslandFantasyPromo, B.

Today, the endlessly thoughtful Queen of Pop took a moment out of her day to snatch her iPhone out of Hannah Spears‘ paws and tweet a cool and funky message to the newly chairbound Lady Gaga for her birthday, who is spending the next few weeks in a wheelchair after undergoing some pretty intense hip surgery. (Don’t worry–she still made it a decadent affair.)

And so, Godney did tweet:

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 9.25.03 PM

“My special friend.”

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 9.25.11 PM

“Special friend.”



But really, let us never forget: Gaga gifted Godney with this gem back in 2008. Happy Birthday, Miss Gags!