A few weeks ago, I premiered The Good Natured‘s monthly Monday-themed cover–a cover of Fleetwod Mac‘s “Monday Morning.”

Now, the electro-pop troupe’s got a new song out called “Lovers,” and it’s great. Why? Well, a few reasons.

1.) It’s produced by Patrik Berger.

You already know Patrik Berger: He’s the genius Swedish pop producer behind some truly incredible pop gems, including the almighty “Dancing On My Own” by Robyn, Icona Pop‘s “I Love It” and Charli XCX‘s “You’re The One.”

2.) It’s a well-crafted pop tune.

“Lovers” is a kicking pop tune that drives forward with crashing drums and dreamy, propulsive guitars–as well as just the right splash of New Wave-tinged electronica. It’s a pleasantly punchy, naughty-minded 3-minute earworm (that, admittedly, sounds more like the makings of a dazzling summer anthem than an early Spring release.)

3.) The way lead singer Sarah McIntosh pronounces “lovers” is amazing.

It’s British and luscious, much like Sophie Ellis-Bextor‘s very good “Lover.” Lahv-ahs. Mmm…

4.) Deceivingly saucy lyrics.

“You better be on your knees. Get down for me. You better be on your knees. I’ll make you bleed.” That’s some “Erotica”-style S&M domination right there.

5.) “You and I could be lovers, but you and I will never be in love.”


6.) It’s all leading up to something very promising.

“Lovers” comes from their long, long awaited Parlophone Records debut, Prism, due out later this summer. (I was writing about The Good Natured back in 2008!) But patience is a virtue–and also a gateway to some amazing pop producers: Along with Berger, their upcoming album was produced John Hill, Jim Eliot and Richard X, who produced their lead Prism single, “5-HT.”

7.) It’s free.

And that’s something we can all appreciate.