While everyone else’s faves remained irrelevant and basic this weekend, Our Holy Lady of Soda Pop was busy being significant and cultured.

On Saturday, while taking a break from recording her soon-to-be game-changing new record (tentatively titled Blackout 2.0), the Holy Spearit drove to Target in Westlake, California with bodyguard Edan and her blessed bbs Sean Preston and Jayden James for some casual shopping. (Outrageous–her shopping spree!)

On the way back home from the excursion — perhaps inspired by flicking through her BFF Madonna‘s art-filled Instagram — Queen B decided to stop and bless a curbside art sale, where she carefully glanced through various paintings. “Nothing about you is typical,” Godney reportedly whispered to the quivering artist, who immediately bowed down and sang the hymns of Circus as the Spearit browsed her wares.

And lo, a painting made its way onto Godney’s radar (on her ray-duh), and it was thus acquired and loaded into the SUV.

According to the Daily Mail, the painting is “a generic French street scene” that “appeared to have been copied from a postcard from Paris,” but MuuMuse’s official photo team was able to get a closer look at the paintings in question.



Godney art courtesy of holditagainstme and Ownzee.