The Saturdays

Forever is truly over.

It’s almost poetic, really: Just under a week since the Almighty Aloud called it quits officially, the ladies in waiting–The Saturdays–have just snagged their first ever #1 in the UK.

Originally released as their lead single in the US alongside their E! series Chasing The Saturdays, “What About Us” didn’t manage to make much traction in America as intended, topping off at #50 on Billboard’s Pop Digital Songs Chart. (What about us, indeed.)

However, the song (which I’m entirely convinced is about flip-fucking—got plenty of lyrics for empirical evidence!) made a massive splash back at home in the UK, resulting in their first #1. Evah! And they didn’t just hit #1, either–they broke a record: It’s the fastest selling single of 2013, even beating out One Direction!

They worked, they went up, and now, they’re making headlines.

Frankie, Mollie, Una, Vanessa, Rochelle…YOU DID IT! Congrats, Sats!


“What About Us” was released on December 18 in the US. (iTunes)