Dr. Demetria Lovato simply will not give our hearts a rest.

After getting our blood pressure rising with the premiere of “Heart Attack,” followed by the oily-handed video premiere, the X Factor‘s most honest tea spiller, Camp Rock cutie and full-time skyscraper is returning with a slew of scorching “Heart Attack” remixes, due out on May 14.

The remix package includes offering from the likes of Alias Club Remix, Alias Radio Mix, Manhattan Clique Club Remix, Manhattan Clique Dub Remix, Manhattan Clique Radio Mix, White Sea and Deejay Theory. Listen to them all below!

But wait—this ain’t no ordinary remix package! Nuh uh. Included in the bunch is the Belanger remix, produced my none other than my bestie Matt from Hard Candy. And I don’t mean to be biased—they’re all genuinely amazing—but it’s TOTALLY the best remix of the bunch.

Why? ‘Cause it breaks the mold of adding a thumping four to the floor beat and calling it a day: Think vocal stutters galore (you know I love ’em), a cool, driving synthesized stomp and bright electronica sparkles. It’s a brand new Demi.

You nailed it, Matt!

“Heart Attack” was released on February 25. (iTunes)