In keeping with her ongoing theme of flaw-freelessness (going with it), British chanteuse Jessie Ware decided to drop a gift for fans today, via Soundcloud: A cover of Martika‘s Top 10 1991 single, “Love… Thy Will Be Done,” originally co-penned and produced by Prince. Unsurprisingly, it’s sweet surrender.

Staying true to the gentle sound of the original, Jessie effortlessly coos her way across a steady ambient pulse. It’s absolutely stunning—a natural fit for Miss Jessie’s breathy vocals, and the perfect slice of dreaminess to carry you far, far away from your midweek life crises.

And, in case you haven’t already heard, Jessie’s fantastic debut record Devotion was made available stateside last week. If you dont already have it, get it now. Stop being dumb.

Devotion was released on April 16. (iTunes)