Rolling Down The Rivers In Glitter

“Heads Will Roll”–It’s the newly leaked track from the upcoming Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, It’s Blitz.

“Off with ya head, dance ’til you’re dead!” Karen O declares before launching full sail into previously uncharted, synth-laden territory.

Despite the promising snarl of the track title, “Heads Will Roll” plays more like a track from The Killers latest synth-rock offering: Calculated and crunchy.

Much like “Zero,” this new sound is sure to befuddle some fans while pleasing others–still others will sit closer to where I find myself currently, hopelessly torn between new found pleasures and nostalgia-ridden disappointment.

Miles better than Show Your Bones, though!

While I can’t post the MP3 of “Heads,” I do have the official HQ version of “Zero” to share streaming. And yes, it is better in high quality.

Oh yeah, and “Heads” ain’t the only thing rolling onto the Net, if you catch my drift.

Drip drip.

Introducing…Polly Scattergood!

Introducing…Polly Scattergood!

Consider this my Find of ’09

MuuMuse In Four Minutes.

MuuMuse In Four Minutes.


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