Music’s 8th World Wonder Returns: Cahill & Kimberley Locke, “Feel The Love”

kimberley locke

UK House trio Cahill, known individually as Anton Powers, Tim Condran and Scott Rosser, are responsible for remixing, like, every song ever, including Cheryl Cole‘s “Fight For This Love,” Mini Viva‘s “I Wish” and their legendary mile-a-minute remix of Mariah Carey‘s “Obsessed.” (Just try and sing along to that one without getting tongue-tied.)

They’ve also put out a few solid dance floor thumpers of their own, including 2007’s Top 40 smash, “Trippin’ On You.”

Now, the dance troupe has crafted a scorching club cut in time for summer: “Feel The Love,” due out on June 16. And to provide vocals, Cahill enlisted none other than American Idol Season 2 powerhouse diva, Kimberley Locke.

The “Stobelight” chanteuse’s massive pipes soar effortlessly across Cahill’s stomping synthesizers, as Miss Locke reminds us all to keep calm and YOLO on: “Take some time and look around, there’s always something new/You got to live in the moment now, no matter what you do!” Do you hear that? It’s the sound of a glittering Pride anthem thundering off in the distance—seven days and seven nights of thunder, to be exact.

But really, though: It’s so lovely to hear from Kimberley again! It’s been a minute since her 2011 Four For The Floor EP. I spend an unspeakable amount of time pondering the lives of early Idol alums (Where’s Christina Christian? How is Trenyce doing? Don’t even get me started on Kimberly Caldwell), so it’s always nice to see a former contestant get right back in on the action. (Paging Ryan Starr!)

“Feel The Love” is already being played on Radio 1, Capital and KISS FM in the UK, and it’s just hit #1 on the UK’s Upfront club chart. Now, they’re going after some crossover Top 40 pop appeal. The accompanying video for the song is below, but fair warning: There’s no Kimberley.

And now, a final thought from the press release:

“As the sun starts to shine, the message from Cahill and Kimberley Locke is loud and clear: #FeelTheLove.”


“Feel The Love” will be released on June 16. (Pre-order)

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