Remember Orion? He’s the Swedish producer responsible for crafting last summer’s stunning “In The End,” which left us all crying at the discotheque.

Over the past year, he’s been steadily prepping his full-length debut. But in between crafting new cuts, he’s been putting his signature emotional spin on some of the finer Swede-pop songs of the past decade, including Faye‘s “Water Against The Rocks” and Agnes’ “One Last Time.”

He’s got a new mix to add to his dreamy collection this week, this time putting a spin on Christian Falk‘s 2006 single “Dream On,” featuring Robyn and The Ark‘s Ola Salo.

Orion’s take on the track adds some celestial stringwork and intergalactic polish to the production, allowing Robyn to sound right at home dancing on her own up in space. Dream on, indeed. (Speaking of, can she come down to Earth to unleash some more Swede-pop perfection this year, please?)

Check out the MuuMuse premiere of Orion’s glittering remix below.