Katy B

It’s a Katy B world—we’re all just dancing in it.

Just moments ago, the UK alt-disco princess premiered her absolutely fantastic new single with Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1: “What Love Is Made Of.”

Much like Jessie Ware‘s immense disco moment “Imagine It Was Us” in April (the two previously collaborated on Katy’s superb “Aaliyah”), the single channels all sorts of early ’90’s House pulsations and bright piano chords.

“I could stay like this for days, looking at your beautiful face,” Katy swoons. It’s an instant favorite from the first few seconds, and as with everything else she’s done since 2011’s On A Mission, it’s a slice of dance that manages to skirt right past the tiresome trends of today’s EDM.

“What Love Is Made Of” will be released on July 8 (come on girl, you just premiered the track in full—bump that release date up!), ahead of her upcoming sophomore record due out later in the fall (which was already one of our Most Anticipated albums of 2013.) That anticipation, of course, has just increased tenfold.

Now then, what will it take to get Jessie Ware and Katy B out on tour together? Or better yet, on a ticket for the presidency?