Cher Woman's World

And to think, we almost thought this day would never come: Cher‘s fantastic lead single from her upcoming album, “Woman’s World,” is finally available on iTunes.

Originally released way back in November of 2012 (check out the original review), the storming female empowerment anthem for the dance floor (which will quickly be reappropriated as a LGBT anthem) remains just as almighty as ever, proving that we still ain’t seen the last of the legendary entertainer, who has literally charted in every decade since the 1960’s.

Even better, the single comes along with a pre-order for her upcoming studio album, now titled Closer To The Truth, available on September 24. (God willing.) There’s 14 tracks in total on the deluxe edition, which means there’s 13 more opportunities for a game-changing duet with Legendtina.

And obvious, make sure to watch The Voice finale tonight at 8 PM EST — Cher’s performing for the first time live in over a decade. (And so is Legendtina, of course.) Fingers crossed for a Burlesque mega-medley for ole times sake!

You know what to do now: #BuyWomansWorldOniTunes.

“Woman’s World” was released on June 18. (iTunes)