On Ciara’s “Overdose,” And Why It Absolutely Must Be The Next Single


Alright, CiCi: It’s time to bring it back.

Ever since “Overdose” first made its way online about a year ago in extended snippet form, the C-Squad’s been shaking, crying and back-bending all over the place. Why? Because the Queen of Crunk-‘N-B’s electro-pop ode to codependency is an instant smash from start to finish, and so obviously a single (even in snippet form) that it’s mind-boggling to believe that it hasn’t already been serviced to radio.

Yet five singles deep into the Album Formerly Known As One Woman Army Turned Ciara campaign, it still hasn’t happened: “Sweat” ran dry, “Sorry” remained unapologetically un-chartable and “Got Me Good” sadly got us nowhere. “Body Party,” thank God, made some waves in the Top 40 — thanks in large part to the unstoppable force that is Mike WiLL Made It (and one hell of a sexy video.) And now, we’re getting a video for “I’m Out (feat. Nicki Minaj),” which is, like, okay. Sure, it’s inspired some drool-worthy twerk videos, but let’s face it: The song’s all about Nicki.

This week, Cici’s team flopped beyond belief and dropped the album a month early for a few minutes on her official store. And what was the first song to surface from the mix-up? “Overdose.” Why? ‘Cause everyone wants some.

Let’s review the facts.


“Overdose” was co-produced by Josh Abraham and Oliver “Oligee” Goldstein, who also co-produced Carly Rae Jepsen‘s “Turn Me Up,” as well as Kelly Clarkson‘s “Hello,” “Alone” and “You Love Me” (!). Oh, and Oligee produced Femme Fatale‘s “Up & Down” for Britney, so…amazing.


I’m biased, but it’s true: “Overdose” really sounds like it could have come from Miss Spears! It’s sleek, sexy, breathy, urban and pop to the core. “You’re like a circus running through my mind.” Li-like a circus! Plus, it wouldn’t be the first time the two crossed paths musically: Fantasy Ride‘s “Pucker Up” was originally meant for B.


Automatic, supersonic, funky fresh — and ready for a fierce sidewalk runway. It’s so nasty and gritty, perfect for a solid strut down the street that’ll keep them lookin’ ass bitches lookin’.


“I took your love, think I took too much / Somebody call the doctor!” This chorus is instant earworm, crooned in a way only CiCi could deliver. It’s so good. Not since Harry Nilsson‘s “Coconut” (later iconically re-recorded by Dannii Minogue) has a song about telephoning the doctor been so good.


One way to turn a pop song into a legendary pop song is an anthemic post-chorus: See Lady Gaga‘s “Bad Romance,” or Britney’s “Till The World Ends.” “Don’t let, don’t let, don’t let go!” is an amazing catchy, amazingly chant-friendly demand. It sounds like the name of a lesser known Pacific island (“”Doledoledolego“), just like Jordin Sparks‘ almighty “Bettagoandgetchurrama.”


“Overdose” is my personal anti-drug: Not only could it be used as the official anthem for national drug prevention programs like D.A.R.E., but it will inspire today’s youth to train to become EMTs, nurses and, of course, surgeons. “Overdose” on the charts equals a win for American healthcare.


“Overdose,” on a less literal level, is about being so truly, madly, deeply in love that you can’t even eat, think, or breathe. No drugs! The only thing Ciara’s hooked on is that D. And who doesn’t want that kind of love? We should all strive for the love that CiCi’s overdosing on with Future.


“Overdose” is amazing. It’s a massively catchy electro-pop stormer that could and should hit Top 10 on the Billboard 100 if promoted properly by Epic. Even if it doesn’t succeed, at least Ciara can say that she came out swinging with the best song that Ciara has to offer (because, aside from “Livin’ It Up,” “Body Party” and “Super Turnt Up,” it really is the best one.) So let’s go for the gold and release this song as the next single already — it’s kind of now or never.

It looks like Epic’s cracking down on all signs of “Overdose” on the Internet, but this semi-decent snippet still lives on YouTube.


Ciara will be released on July 5. (iTunes)

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