Listen To A New Lana Del Leak, “TV In Black And White”

Lana Del Rey

Another day, another unreleased track from Lana Del Rey.

It’s sort of difficult to keep track of the sheer dozens of pre/post-Born To Die demos that have made their way onto the Interwebz over the past year. Some are solid, some could use work — but tonight, we’ve got a bright, shimmering diamond to add to your Lana Del Discography.

“TV in Black & White” is a dreamy, bittersweet ode to Lana’s lover on the low — who now finds himself behind bars. It’s also got one of the sweetest ‘lil choruses you ever did hear: “Living without you is like TV in black and white / You turned me on and brought color into my life,” the Queen of Coney Island breathily coos above summery, Beach Boys-y surf guitar strums and a crisp, chugging hip-hop beat.

Even if he can’t wrap his arms ’round her right now, Lana’s still found a way to warm him up with this lovely-dovey aural love letter: “I won’t tell a single soul how you spend your nights / In that single cell, holding your pillow tight,” she gently assures. How’d she know how I spend my Friday nights?

Heaven hasn’t forgotten about you, Lana Del Slay — and neither have we.