And now for something COMPLETELY AMAZING.

Kelly Clarkson has formed a (not-so-secret) band with her back-up singers, Jill Pickering and Kate Rapier.

WHAT? Yes. Thanks to some truly stellar investigative work this weekend, devoted Kelly stans quickly began to realize that her trip to Oklahoma on Friday to record with longtime back-up singers (and frequent songwriting collaborators) Jill and Kate was for something entirely unrelated to her upcoming fifth studio album–in fact, it’s for a new project altogether!

The newly unveiled side-project, called Already Famous (which the girls say is named after “the funniest nail polish name” they could find at Sephora), has begun their debut via a not-so-secret Twitter account and a sparse Facebook page. Only hours ago, the group themselves began fielding fan questions on Twitter.

So far the trio has already completed four songs including “I’m Not The Only One,” which they’ve just uploaded for preview in a tiny teaser video. The song sounds utterly gorgeous so far–with all those lush vocal layers, it almost sounds like an Imogen Heap production! Talk about a guaranteed addition to the nightly MuuTears playlist. (Not that I’d ever make that sort of playlist. Or listen to it. Or…LOOK, OVER THERE! IT’S JESUS!)

Kate, Kelly and Jill have written and performed dozens of tracks together in the past (many of which can be found on their joint YouTube account, JillAndKate), so it seemed like only a matter of time before the trio would come together up professionally to churn out their tracks in a studio setting.

While one of MuuMuse’s favorite soulful songstresses continues to trudge forward (despite buckets of leaks) with her oft-delayed, much anticipated fifth studio album (the lead single now due out in August, according to her latest tweets!), the good news is that there’s much more coming from Queen Clarkson in the very, very near future.


Thanks to MJSBigBlog and the ATRL Forums for pooling the latest updates!