Daily B: Britney’s Smurfiest Moments At The ‘Smurfs 2’ Premiere


Today was a Smurf-filled day for the legendary Miss Britney Spears.

This morning, Godney took a break from writing and recording for her upcoming eighth studio album — tentatively titled Blackout 2.0: It Gets Urbaner And Also More Spearitual (We’re Just Having Lots Of Lunches Right Now) — to bless the blue carpet of the Smurfs 2 premiere at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood.

The “Ooh La La” legend looked positively radiant (Cosmic Radiance now available in stores), dressed in sensible black pumps and a signature Herve Leger wrap dress — a blue one, obviously. Why? Because…it’s Smurfney, bitch.

Here are just some of Britney’s Smurfiest moments!


+ The Queen herself smurfing around with “My Baby” inspirations, Sean Preston and JJ, on the blue carpet. As one can see, not only are they an adorable family, but they’ve all inherited the classic Dorkney face.


+ That body! It certainly looks like the body of someone doing a whole lot of yoga to get ready for their upcoming 2-year Vegas residency. Britney’s body is so sick, in fact, that it is now being reported that a majority of the premiere attendees are now experiencing flu-like symptoms. (REFERENCE.)


+ Britney paying tribute to Britney stan and birthday girl Selegendary Gomezmerizing‘s Stars Dance album track, “Write Your Name.” What a selfless display of #StarsDancePromo, Selenatorney!


+ Here we have a fan named Kathy Perry, who fell ill and missed The Femme Fatale Tour when it came through LA back in 2011. Mercifully, Team Britney was kind enough to allow the massive fan — she apparently owns 5 copies of the “Anticipating” French CD single alone! — to take a quick meet-and-greet photo, as well as a signed copy of the tour book. Congrats, Kathy!


+ Another great shot with Kathy — leaving room for the Holy Spearit, of course!


+ Britney also took a long overdue photo with hot-blooded All-American Girl Bonnie McKee, the songwriting superstar who co-penned “Ooh La La” for Britney, as well as “Hold It Against Me,” “Inside Out” and “How I Roll” among others. Praise her American light!


+ Britney’s vision is already a perfect 20 out of 10 (REFERENCE), so she wears customized Legend Lenses used throughout the screening of Smurfs 2 to see what the basics and lessers around her also see.


+ Mommy, the Pop Star. Perfection in a photograph.

It’s all fun and Smurfs today for B-Girl, but tomorrow, it’ll be back to the recording studio to work on her Most Personal Album Ever. (Someone’s clearly coming for that Songwriter of the Year award at next year’s BMI Pop Awards.) Hope you had fun at the movies, Brit Brit!


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