Rihanna Goes Material Gal for Madonna’s #SecretProject?

Ever since she first signed up for Instagram, Madonna has been tantalizingly teasing photos from a mysterious collaboration with photographer Steven Klein, dubbed “#secretproject” — when she’s not posting Purim selfies, that is.

The hints have been coming for months now (check out the original What’s going on?” post), including the premiere of a dark, violent trailer at the MDNA Tour premiere party in June, but details are still a little shaky: Is it a political statement, or an advertisement for Brahim‘s new clothing line? (Please let it not be that.)

Tonight, a new piece of the puzzle arrived – in the form of the #unapologetic Illuminati princess herself, Rihanna.

The above photo just surfaced tonight, featuring the “Pour It Up” princess decked out as Blond Ambition-era Madonna. (RiRi’s standom for M has been well-documented throughout the years, including her performance of “Vogue” at Fashion Rocks 2008.)

(UPDATE: It’s not 100% confirmed that this is RiRi, but it sure looks that way.)

RiRi’s involvement in #secretproject isn’t actually news: Late last year, Steven Klein was tweeting Rihanna directly about the #secretproject. Later on, a photo of something marked “From Madonna to Rihanna: 2 of 3” surfaced.

This is (potentially) confirmation that Rihanna really is involved — and it’s already everything. But what does it all mean?

I don’t know, but…Bad Gal RiRi-turned-Material Gal? I like it, like it…c’mon!

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