One minute might be too late…that is, unless you’re Godney.

You can’t really blame Queen B for a late night tweet, as it’s been a busy day: A 3 hour session of yoga in the morning, a Starbucks run, a viewing of Britney Spears: Live From Las Vegas to try and reacquaint herself with the Vegas lifestyle, another Starbucks run, and then a quick dash into the studio with today’s most urban producers to whip up a few interesting and personal cuts for the Most Anticipated Album of 2013, otherwise known as Album 8 — tentatively titled Blackout 2.0: It Gets Urbaner And Also More Spearitual (We’re Just Having Lots Of Lunches Right Now).

As a result, the Living Legend was only just wrapping up her late night prayers for your face to soon fade away (REFERENCE) and beginning to spend some time prowling her favorite blogs before she suddenly remembered something, shot up and screamed (and shouted): “LARRY…VIDEO!

And so the Pepsi Generation Goddess did tweet/Facebook/Instagram

“Omg. How CUTE are my boys?! Video premieres Thursday on VEVO at noon ET!”


1.) UH. Hello, Milfney. “I know I may be a mom, but…I’ve got feelings too.”
2.) SEAN PRESTION AND JAYDEN JAMES, both of whom are already more successful, popular, talented and wealthy than most modern pop stars.
3.) PRINCESS MADDIE BRIANN, daughter of Jamie-Lynn Spears, making a casual cameo behind Brit Brit and the boys serving some “Bitch, I butter get a handful of that popcorn” side-eye.
4.) Britney Film School 101: Britney and her BBs are not at the premiere of Smurfs 2, but rather Crossroads 2: Cross Harder.

What do you have planned on Thursday for lunch? Like, around noon-ish? Oh, really? A date, huh? That sounds fun. Is he hot? Yeah? WELL, CANCEL THOSE PLANS, ‘CAUSE YOU’RE GOING TO SMURF VILLAGE INSTEAD, BITCH.


“Ooh La La” was released on June 17. (iTunes)