body music

AlunaGeorge, you guys. Am I right?

The phenomenal early ’90’s R&B-infused UK garage-pop alt-disco duo (did that sort of cover their sound?) has kept us dancing through 2013 with an assist on one of the best dance tunes of the year: Disclosure‘s “White Noise.” Plus, they’ve whipped up a few smashes of their own, including their buoyant sass-pop track “Attracting Flies,” as well as a re-release of their (still amazing) 2012 single in the UK in May, “You Know You Like It.”

On July 29, the BBC Sound of 2013-approved group will drop their highly anticipated debut LP, Body Music. The cover art for the album is above, and I’m fairly certain it’s one of the best album covers of 2013, no? But not only that — the music’s sounding just as good as it looks.

Last week, AlunaGeorge put the album up for pre-order on iTunes, which means one thing: It’s snippet time. There’s already so many promising gems: “Kaleidoscope Love”! “Bad Idea”! “Best Be Believing”! “Outlines”! It all sounds so, so incredibly slick, sexy and danceable.

UPDATE: The duo evidently heard us playing these album previews to oblivion, because they just uploaded “Bad Idea” in full — and it’s just as fantastic as hoped, full of springy, sort of Nintendo-y beats and a sugary-sweet melody from Aluna Francis. “You’re a car crash waiting to happen / I’m putting on the brakes just to save myself.” Oop! Not so sweet after all.

This one’s shaping up to be a top favorite of 2013. Bring on the album!

Body Music will be released on July 29. (iTunes UK)