Lana Del Rey Just Shot A Mini Film Called ‘Tropico’


Lights, camera, action…

While we were busy swooning over the latest Lana Del Leak to hit the net (“TV In Black & White”), heavenly Born To Die chanteuse Lana Del Rey was busy shooting, err…something in California over the weekend.

Was it the video for “American” or “Cola”? Another H&M spot? A re-release of “Summertime Sadness,” mayhaps? No, not a music video at all, but rather a short film called Tropico — filmed by “National Anthem” and “Ride” director, Anthony Mandler.

So far, from what we can tell from the official promo shot (above, via JustJared), the paparazzi photos and copious tweets, high fashion model Shaun Ross is co-starring in the mini-movie, along with a fleet of hardcore lookin’ gangster queens, including dancer/singer/model (?), Charlie Pearl (she’s the one on the right, thanks to this little Vine.)

Lana Del Rey goes "Gansta" for her new music video

But wait, there’s more! According to @DelReyLane, the clip will include “Bel Air,” “Body Electric,” and, my personal Paradise favorite, “Gods & Monsters.” The actors will apparently be representing Elvis, Jesus and Marilyn Monroe — all the main players in Lana’s “Body Electric.”

I mean…I don’t even need to explain how excited I am about Tropico. A short film full of Lana Del Chola? It’s just like…


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