Fantasia, Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott: “Without Me” (Video Premiere)


Fantasia‘s got an icy lil’ banger in her hot little hands.

Fresh off the release of her fourth studio album Side Effects Of You, the “Hood Boy” chanteuse just unveiled the Dennis Lupold-directed video for her latest single: “Without Me,” a chilly electro-R&B collaboration with “Kisses Down Low” enthusiast/good game talker Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott.

“Without Me” is both an excellent song and an excellent video. Let us discuss.


1.) A Spearitual Ode

To say Godney is influential in popular music is like suggesting that Christina Aguilera has a strong affinity for LipSense and Red Sin — like, duh. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Fantasia was feeling especially Spearitual during the shoot for “Without Me,” donning the very same Jeremy Scott x Adidas jacket that Urbanney wore in the “Scream & Shout remix video.

Thank you for appropriately paying tribute to the legend, Miss ‘Tasia.


2.) #KissesDownLowPromo

Miss Kelly’s been bringing the heat this summer with her luscious new record, Talk A Good Game (which I still haven’t properly reviewed yet, but hopefully soon.) And that “Kisses Down Low” reign? It just won’t let up: Just look at those luscious lady lumps in that skintight latex suit! She’s arching her back, giving it to us slow, providing motivation to the Rowland Stones and making our ice melt. Too hot! (PS: It’s never too late to #BuyKissesDownLowOniTunes!)


3.) Missy’s Been Missed

Last year’s two-single attempt to “switch up music” by Miss Misdemeanor and her longtime collaborator, Timbaland — “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat” — flopped pretty damn hard, and it was all looking a little grim at the time. But “Without Me” is on point: Missy’s looking fabulous and futuristic, her verse is solid and the styling’s on point. This is exactly the kind of Missy we want to see in 2013.


4.) Goofin’ Around

It’s all well and good to see Fantasia and crew acting hard and serving up their slick choreography and ferocious side-eyes, but it’s even more fun to watch K. Rowlegend briefly acting a fool with Miss Barrino, dropping down to the ground and breaking out into a fit of giggles at the very end.


5.) This.

Side Effects Of You was released on April 19. (iTunes)

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