Lana Del Rey knows her audience all too well: That’s why she decided to premiere the gorgeous vintage poster for her upcoming short film Tropico at one in the morning — a time when most of her fans are at home listening to Born To Die on vinyl, sipping a glass of red wine and feeling so alone on a Friday night.

The “Summertime Sadness” chanteuse (which moved up to #42 on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, by the way… sleeper hit, indeed!) revealed the black-and-white poster on Facebook and Twitter, adding: “TROPICO – a 30 minute film coming to a city near your. Premier dates coming soon. Lots of Love, Lana Del Rey.”

As we saw earlier this month, the heaven-sent songstress shot her mini-film in California with Anthony Mandler. The clip co-stars model Shaun Ross and features “Bel Air,” “Gods & Monsters” and “Body Electric” in the soundtrack.

The brand new poster appears to capture Lana living in her Garden of Evil from “Gods & Monsters.” And you see that snake? Totally a subtle nod to Britney — a loyal Spearitual stan, she is!

Tropico can’t come soon enough to cure our summertime sadness. Praise her light!