Daily B: Mickey Is Burning

Every single Britney Spears performance is iconic. We know this already. It is a basic truth of life, inscribed in the Old Testament. Somewhere. (Or so I’ve been told–I haven’t personally verified that.)

This truth extends down to even her earliest major performances in history, including The Mickey Mouse Club. Yes, her early Disney days–a magical time in which Britney sang and danced alongside future flame Justin Timberlake and future Bionic frenemy, Legendtina.

Earlier this evening, one particular Mickey Mouse Club performance was brought to my attention that I, even as the Almighty Britney Stan that I am, had never seen before. And I can safely say: The game has just been changed.

Almost twenty years ago, The Holy Spearit was dancing on The Disney Channel to Bizarre Inc‘s early ’90’s House anthem, “I’m Gonna Get You.” And not just dancing–VOGUING. That’s right: The Emancipation of VOGUENEY.

Evidently Britney snuck into a showing of Paris Is Burning with JT and caught a peek of the video for Madonna‘s “Vogue” on MTV, because this is the kind of ballroom extravaganza that would have the House of LaBeija knocking on her door in Kentwood. (Don’t, go, knock on my door…)

I mean…the sheer glamour of it all! The flaw-free ballet twirls! The newsprint suspenders! O-P-U-L-E-N-C-E-NEY!

Fact: This performance so unbelievably ahead of its time that Lady Gaga is just now in the early planning stages for shamelessly integrating this routine into her newly renamed tour, The Mickey Mouse Club Ball.

(Also, this performance clearly inspired the early ’90’s Inner City sound of “Up N’ Down” off of Femme Fatale–yet another example of Nostradamusney at work.)

But who’s surprised? Godney has always been ten steps ahead of the game.


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