After launching the fizzy, feisty Jungle Pop EP back in 2011, as well as her 2012 full-length LP Savage, indie NYC-based singer-songwriter Moxiie‘s back this year with a brand new EP — and a new sound.

“Really Don’t Care” is the second song off of Moxiie’s upcoming dancehall-inspired new collection, the ScandiRara EP, produced alongside Fredro (who also produced, among other gems, Namie Amuro‘s ridiculously amazing “Hands On Me.”)

Inspired by acts like Cutty Ranks and Mr. Vegas (and reggaeton legend/”Stars Are Blind” chanteuse Paris Hilton, no doubt), the breezy, early ’90’s-tinged Jamaican jam sees the songstress ditching the dizzying synthesizers in her back catalog in favor of a summery, laidback flow. “My friends say you are the general of heartbreak / Don’t care what they’re talking ’bout,” she croons, throwing caution to the wind.

Whine up (like Kat DeLuna!) and take it to the floor like you really don’t care.

‘The ScandiRara EP’ will be released in August. (iTunes)