Alesha Dixon: Breathe Slow

Let’s “Breathe Slow” with Alesha for a few minutes.

It’s a shame about the video, isn’t it?

It’s all sweet and silly (and a dash of tamed “Hung Up” during the dance studio sequences) up until the two minute mark, in which Miss Dixon dons a truly ridiculous headband of chicken feathers and twirly things, opens up her jacket to a glittery corset, and brings it all steadily downhill from there.

I simply adore the dozens of onlookers watching Alesha sashay her way down the strip. My guess is that about 99.3% of them had absolutely no clue who she was. I can only hear it now:

“Who is it?”
“I don’t know. Do you know?”
“Me? No. Well, wait…Isn’t that a member of Destiny’s Child?”
“Her? No, I don’t think so.”
“It isn’t Beyoncé, then?”
“You know what? Maybe it is. Actually, I think it is. BEYONCÉ! BEYONCÉ! PUT A RING ON IT!”

Keep holding on for that “We’re in Las Vegas; Obligatory Elvis impersonator needed” moment at 3:20.



Almost forgot!

N.A.S.A.: Rather Gifted

N.A.S.A.: Rather Gifted

Sam Spiegel (perhaps better known as Squeak E

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