NARM Music Biz Awards Dinner Party - Arrivals

Katy Perry, California Gurl-turned-Lioness, wants you to decide what’s coming next from her upcoming album, Prism.

After revealing the titles and lyrics for “Dark Horse” and “Walking On Air” earlier this week, the “Hot n Cold” chanteuse has just posted 30-second snippets of each track.

The time has now come to decide which song will be declared as the winner during tomorrow’s 2013 MTV VMAs and, ultimately, decide the very fate of Katy Perry’s entire career.

In this corner…

“Walking On Air,” which is evidently not a cover of Estonian pop goddess Kerli‘s 2008 smash of the same name. In fact, it’s sort of a fluffy, run-of-the-mill Cascada/ATC millennial Eurodance club anthem. “Darker” sound? Not so much.

And in this corner…

“Dark Horse.” A spooky, heart-racing lead-in (sort of like Ke$ha‘s “Supernatural”), all leading up to…



I know which one I’m voting for. (Hint: it rhymes with “Shark Force.”) Which one will you choose?

Prism will be released on October 22. (iTunes)