whinnie williams

Ah, the many faces of Jade Williams.

You might know her already as Sunday Girl, the fashionably chic UK singer-songwriter behind tunes like “Four Floors” (still a frequent play!) “Stop Hey” and “Love U More.”

Now she’s known as Whinnie Williams, a whimsical blend of Bridgette Bardot-meets-Body Language-era coquette Kylie. After charming us with her breezy “You Don’t Love Me” earlier this year, the enchanting songstress is back for more ’60’s French pop-inspired loveliness with “Breaking Hearts In Your Sleep.”

Whinnie’s new track is sort of like Lily Allen at her sing-songy best mixed with Lucky Soul‘s throwback charm (remember them?), full of airy melodies and swirling, kaleidoscopic sound: “You break hearts in your sleep / You dream while they weep, and wake up to the sound of one more lover leaving,” she croons.

The accompanying video’s equally precious — it’s all about Whinnie (and her adorable poodle Brian!) as they come up with crafty ways to try and strike it rich and hit the road to Paris.

Can they do it? No spoilers, but it’s all very cute and charming.