megan and liz

I have such a soft spot for my queens, Megan & Liz.

If you’ll recall, the YouTube starlets-turned-bonafide pop duo unleashed a solid Max Martin-produced summer anthem in June called “Release You,” which sounded sort of like a cross between Icona Pop and Taylor Swift.

As the summer now draws to a close and the nights get a bit chilly, the girls have just premiered an appropriately moody, more introspective new single: “In The Shadows Tonight.”

Penned by the girls and produced by John Fields (who’s also worked with Miley, Demi and the Jonas Brothers), the striding, arena-sized ballad charges on across slow-soldiering drums, overdriven guitars and a gentle piano melody. (That gentle “huh-huh-huh” vocal in the background is the best.) It actually fits in nicely with Miss Miley’s new Bangerz offering, “Wrecking Ball.” Are ’80’s-leaning power ballads the new EDM? Wouldn’t be mad at that.

Unlike their angst-ridden 16-year-old anthems, “In The Shadows Tonight” might just be the duo’s most mature offering yet: “In a world of sunshine / I’ll hide in the shadows tonight,” the two croon. Really, it’s all about that massive hook of a chorus: As per usual, the girls excel at soaring hooks and spot-on harmonies.

Also, Liz’s yelp at the 3-minute mark? Um, everything.

The accompanying video sees the two brooding on a rooftop while having a glam moment: Liz’s hair game alone deserves an Oscar nomination, while Megan is serving Annie Lennox “Why” realness in a lighted mirror.

If you’re feeling especially stan-y, make sure to check out the girls while they’re out on tour. I just saw them last night at the Gramercy Theater (where I stood next to an 8-year-old wrapped in Christmas lights looking cooler than I ever will), and I genuinely loved every minute of it. Great songs. Talented girls. I really want them to win. (Also, this happened.)

“In The Shadows Tonight” was released on August 19. (iTunes)