March 24: Release Day!

Don’t forget–two very near and dear, very major MuuMuse approved releases are now out in stores today!

…Neither of which I’ve managed to review yet.

I KNOW–I’m working on it.

First up is Röyksopp‘s Junior, which also happens to be, hands down, the greatest release of 2009. A masterful collection of organic, growing synth sounds and moody vocals from the likes of Swede sweethearts Karin Dreijer, Lykke Li, and Robyn, Junior is not only an essential unifying piece between the Nordic duo’s first two releases, but a commendable pioneering effort into a higher realm of electro-pop.

Following that impossible lead-in is Utada‘s This Is The One, a collection of slinky R&B jams and tripped beats that dance the line somewhere between creative outflow and slightly embarrassing cliché.


Eat It, Beysus.

Eat It, Beysus.

I’ve got a good feeling about this one

Röyksopp: This Must Be It

Röyksopp: This Must Be It

Yes Muusers, it’s time for another addition in the ongoing saga known as

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