Tensnake: “58 BPM (feat. Fiora),” The Surprise Slow Jam of the Summer


Tensnake just served up one of the year’s most unexpected slow-burners.

To celebrate signing with Astralwerks, the German DJ/producer just premiered his brand new 2-track single: “58 BPM / See Right Through” a collaboration with Berlin-based songstress, Fiora. (You might remember her fluttering vocals from a number of productions, including Armin van Buuren‘s “Breathe In Deep” and “Waiting For The Night.”)

While he’s known best for pumping out pulsating disco cuts like 2010’s “Coma Cat” and last year’s euphoric ’90’s stomper “Mainline” (as well as his many remixes, including his springy re-rub of Lana Del Rey‘s “National Anthem”) Tensnake’s new offering is a drastic shift in style, filling out the speakers with slow-strutting, ’80’s drum machine loops and atmospheric synthesizers sparkling in the distance, as Fiora’s sultry crooning gently wraps around the lush beats — think a slightly spacier take on Jessie Ware. It’s perfect for late night listening — and maybe some freakin’, too.

The song’s accompanying B-side, “See Right Through,” takes the tempo back up into disco-friendly territory, but the sparse four-to-the-floor beats and echoing vocals make the production a whole lot more intriguing than your standard club fare.

From the Astralwerks press release:

New single “58BPM” – a delicate, smooth, downtempo track – may catch some folks off guard with its elegant simplicity. “That was deliberate decision,” explains Marco, “I wanted to make a statement with the first single and surprise people.”

Consider us pleasantly surprised.

“58 BPM / See Right Through” was released on August 27. (iTunes)

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