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First of all, yes: This is a non-Legendtina post.

Despite all the fun I may have with the Bionic songstress’ diva-sized ego, there are times where I actually have to make clear I am actually a fan of Christina Aguilera. This is one of them.

Consider this a Mi Reflejo moment.

Over the past year, the singer has successfully transitioned from the body-fucking, Kool Aid extension-wearing Lotus era into a more demure phase of her career — going Back To Basics, if you will: First, there was the La Tempestad anthem, “Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti.” Then, the return to The Voice. And now this: “We Remain,” a stirring anthem for the soundtrack of Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

“We Remain” is a (refreshingly) restrained moment for Christina, allowing her emotionally charged powerhouse pipes to take charge of the track without drowning out the beautiful melodies with her signature vocal runs (and “HA!“-ing). She’s always shined in ballad form, and “We Remain” is no exception — the bridge, especially (“Every single time the wind blows…“) is a chill-inducing moment.

How does it factor within the grand scheme of all Legend X ballads? It’s not as immediately memorable as “Beautiful,” “Hurt” or “You Lost Me,” but it is still a gorgeous listen for true lovers of balladry — and it only gets better with each replay. Christina’s still one of the best vocalists in the game, and this track is further proof of her true talent.

Oh, and the official cover art doesn’t feature Christina — so I made it better.

we-remain copy

There we go. Now bow down, bobbleheads.

“We Remain” will be released on October 1. (iTunes)