Sia’s Gorgeous ‘Great Gatsby’ Contribution, “Kill And Run”


No matter how the film turns out (please let it be Moulin Rouge, Part Deux!), the accompanying soundtrack for Baz Luhrmann‘s The Great Gatsby is already a solid smash, thanks to incredible contributions from the likes of Florence + The Machine, The XX, Nero and, of course, Lana Del Rey with “Young & Beautiful.”

The next moment of brilliance comes from Queen Sia herself who, while penning pop songs for quite literally every pop star in the modern world over the past 3 years, including Rihanna, Kylie, Legendtina and, most recently, Beyoncé, took the time to contribute a soaring power ballad to the hallowed soundtrack.

“Kill & Run” is a moody, intensely intimate ballad, co-penned by the fantastic Chris Braide (check out the MuuMuse interview from back in 2010.) “Follow the hands as they move/Try to make out your mood, but my brain doesn’t want to,” she croons. As with any Sia-penned ballad, her soulful voice always carries us through. But it’s that almighty crescendo, as the songstress begins yelping with all her might on top of a majestic orchestra, that truly lifts the song to shiver-inducing new heights.

Prepare for chill overload and goosebumps galore because, well, it’s Sia. Duh.

“Kill and run, a bullet through your heart…”