Britney Is Back In London (And She Hasn’t Even Stolen Any Vanilla Candles Yet)


Everytime (REFERENCE) the Legendary Miss Britney Jean Spears touches down in London Town to do some international press, it’s always a global event: Last time she arrived, she served us some Plaidney for a radio interview, hung out with PopJustice’s Dmuper and then held up a convenience store at gunpoint, stole some vanilla candles and fled town with her ex-boyfriend.

She later named the incident “Criminal.”

Today, the Pop Princess-turned-Queen of Pop dropped by to do some serious #WorkBitchPromo, beginning with Capital FM and continuing on to Radio 1, Kiss FM and Alan Carr‘s Chatty Man (where RiRi rih-cently performed) for a taping on Wednesday.

According to Capital, they’ve got a WORLD EXCLUSIVE coming up in their interview tomorrow. (New single? Album title reveal? Christmas Potpourri challenge?!)

While we wait for that to drop (the time difference between the US and the UK is something like the number of studio albums by The Holy Spearit divided by the amount of times “Radar” has appeared on those albums), we still have these photos of the iconic Femme Fatale casually strolling through the streets, looking absolutely (drop dead) beautiful (REFERENCE) and blessing lesser-basics with her presence.

But are there flaws to be found? I’ve grouped together a team of scientists to investigate. Let us inspect further…








Nope. Absolutely zero flaws detected.

Just another day in the life of a living legend.

Photos via BreatheHeavy.

“Work Bitch” was released on September 16. (iTunes)

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