Sophie Ellis-Bextor has just done something, so would you kindly please shut the fuck up?

The glorious icy-disco diva — who is currently doing some serious murdering on the donce floor on Season 11 of the UK’s Strictly Come Dancing — just revealed the glorious album artwork for her upcoming fifth studio album, Wanderlust, due out on January 20.

Absolutely gorgeous, right?

The last time we heard from Sophie (musically, that is), she was releasing a free demo of a song called “Young Blood” and teasing details about the new record, describing it as “not a dance record or a pop record, but something a bit different.” (Let us bow our heads that “something a bit different” still involves a synthesizer here and there.)

While we wait for more tunes, let us now watch Sophie’s exquisite Charleston on Strictly last week. I just feel sorry for her competition: She’s absolutely tearing up the floor — did you see that effortless back flip? MOTHER OF THREE!

Bow down to Queen E-B.

‘Wanderlust’ will be released on January 20. (iTunes)