Britney — nay, Britishney — is doing a whole lot of #WORKBXXCHPROMO in London Town.

Like, an exhausting amount of promo. It’s kind of hard to keep up! Overwhelmedney. But she’s having fun whilst doing so. Actually, she might just need to move to London because she’s just having that much fun.

The Holy Spearit already kicked off her UK tour with a bang — announcing the title of her upcoming eighth studio album, Britney Jean on Capital — and ever since, she’s been blessing the entirety of the United Kingdom.

Photo via BreatheHeavy

First, there’s the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast interview with Nick Grimshaw (Grimmy), which is 18 minutes long! They manage to cover everything — sneaking in a few bites of peanut butter and toast between questions — talking “Work Bitch,” Britney Jean (“moody”!) and Brit Brit’s future in the industry (“In like 4 years, maybe like 15 [albums]”). My personal favorite moment? “What song do you like to sing at karaoke? Britney Spears?” “No, ‘I Love Rock ‘N Roll.’ Well, that’s my song too.”

Photo via BreatheHeavy

“Azealia Banks did what to my song?”

Here’s B-Girl and Grimmy goofing off, giving you some Halloweeney fun. What kind of cool and urban slayage?

Also, since my dream for “Scary” to be released as a Halloween single still has yet to be achieved (ugh), I’m taking the photo above as Britney giving me a sign (REFERENCE) to do somethin’ (REFERENCE) with this…


There. You’re welcome.

Photo via BreatheHeavy

What is this? A commercial for London Fantasy? No! It’s “Perfume” songstress Britney Jean shooting her segment on Alan Carr‘s Chatty Man!


And here is Larry Rudolph, slacking off on the job yet again.


But ever since she filmed “Work Bitch,” Britney’s done nothing but crack that whip on the lessers. “LARRY! FIREWORKS!” Now get to work, bitch!

Showbiz 411 asked Godney to dispel wisdoms for those looking to sip martinis, look hot in bikinis and party in France… (Spoiler alert: You better “Work beep.“)

While at KISS FM, Brit Brit dished on the one sweet surprise she could get used to (REFERENCE).

And at Capital FM, she even supplied a brief course in Britishney As A Second Language. “A SPOT OF TEA!”


Never leave London, Britney Jean. That is, until you have to start performing at Live In Las Vegasney: The Bitch Is Back in December.