Lady Gaga Teases New ‘ARTPOP’ Track, “Do What U Want (feat. R. Kelly)”


Another day, another Reverse Warholian Expedition for all of us to navigate.

This evening, Mother Monster/Sister Swine Lady Gaga beamed down from #Venus to declare a Pop Music State of Emergency on Twitter (which definitely had nothing to do with the PRISM leak, I’m sure) to announce…this:


Okay. She’s seriously trolling us all, right? “Authentic and bold”? “Album of the millennium”? She’s Trollga now, right? Of course she is. She has to be. This over-the-top pretentiousness has to be tongue-in-cheek response to the hyperbole of the Born This Way era. Right? RIGHT?! SHE’S KIDDING, RIGHT? Right.

Anyway, along with the announcement of ARTPOP sampling spread out over the next three weeks, Gagaloo teased a 30-second snippet of her upcoming track “Do What U Want (feat. R. Kelly),” which is now set to drop on October 21. How? Well, only in the most #ARTPOP way possible — as a Best Buy commercial for Beats Studio headphones!

#ART. #POP. #FASHION. One second I’m in Best Buy, now SUDDENLY THE BEST BUY IS IN ME! And how’s it sound?

Well, much like the bulk of ARTPOP…it sounds FUCKING FANTASTIC so far! I’m already partial to #SomethingMoreUrban Gaga — see “Starstuck,” “Reloaded,” “Paper Gangsta,” etc. — and this one certainly has a lot of promise already, gliding across a wobbly electro-R&B (almost Caribbean?) beat that fills out quite nicely in the final few seconds. Gorgeous harmonies and a dangerously catchy hook to spare (“Do what you want with my bahhh-day!“)? Yep, it certainly feels like the fun of Fame-era Gaga is back.

Coupled with “Sex Dreams,” Gaga’s clearly feeling a little nasty in this new era of sound. But who’s inspiring all these dirty-minded ditties? Eh, no idea. Marina Abramovic, probably.

ARTPOP will be released on November 11. (iTunes)

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