Twitter is an amazing place where people can come together from all over the world to interact with their favorite pop stars, discuss current events in popular culture and RT for Brazil.

It’s also a forsaken hellhole of unspeakable nastiness where anonymous keyboard gangsters get off on telling people they’re ugly, awful and untalented.

Jimmy Kimmel hosts a recurring segment on his show called “Mean Tweets,” where celebrities read aloud some of the loveliest things people have said to them on Twitter. Last night, in honor of his beef-no-longer with Kanye West, he decided to have a special musician edition, starring some of our favorite pop princes and princesses.

Watch below as acts like Queen Ke$ha, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Pharrell and Adam Levine take a peek at their iPhones and reveal just some of the cute things people have been tweeting at them. It’s an exercise that holds a mirror to society to remind us of how nice our world is — and provides some hashtag hilarious reactions from some of our faves.