Let me tell you something: Toni Braxton and Babyface‘s “Hurt You” — the first single from their upcoming duets record Love, Marriage & Divorce out on November 25 (still such an album title) — moves me on a spiritual level. Like, so much. It’s such a good song, seriously.

The accompanying video for “Hurt You” just dropped today and, boy, is it ever gorgeous.

The video’s all about the art of the metaphor: Basically, the talented twosome are holed up in their bedrooms, stressing out about their individual indiscretions and pounding against their flimsy walls in pain. (You’d think they’d hear each other wailing, given that the walls seem to be made out of just cardboard or whatever — but hey.)

The anguish turns explosive as they continue pounding those walls until — gasp, a breakthrough! — they’ve punched through to the other side, seeing each other eye to eye again. (One might even say they came in like a wrecking wall.) And by the end, they’re dancing right on through the drama and back together again.

Toni is giving you bucketloads of contralto ferosha with a one shoulder oversized top, “Gimme More” fishnets and pumps — looking like a Flashdance diva — while Babyface keeps it gentlemanly and handsome. It’s all perfect.

Let us pray that Miss Braxton never, ever teases the idea of retirement again, because this is simply too good to stop. That being said, it does appear that the duo would make for a pretty exceptional construction team. Side gig, perhaps?

“Hurt You” was released on August 19. (iTunes)